We often spend a lot of money in our make up and beauty products , and don’t use all the products , letting them sit on our shelves or leave it unused in our make-up bag for months, not knowing the fact that our make-up and beauty products EXPIRE too. Yes, you heard me right, our make up and beauty products come with an expiration date ,which is rarely mentioned on the packing, and should be used within the given period of time.

I have listed products and mentioned the time bracket these items need to be used within, just so you can be cautions from now on. Using expired products on your skin would not only be harmful but could also be cancerous. Being in the modeling industry , I have to be very careful of the make up and various beauty cremes I apply on my skin as even a slightest break out could leave a mark which is definitely not a good news.






So go on, its time for a major clean up. Get rid of all the products that are expired from your vanity case. Always replace old products with new ones and don’t forget to recycle the old ones. it may be a hard process of letting go but its really essential.


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