Being a model in the fashion industry , I have faced a lot of problems with taking care of my skin. With all that make up sitting on my face for hours leaves my skin and pores clogged and gasping for fresh air. There are so many products in the market that claim to help with repairing your skin and open pores, but after all they’re  chemicals and really expensive. I’m a strong believer of living an organic life which is the best way to heal and live a healthy life.

For people facing major clogged pores and acne issue here are some home remedies that should help you. and the best part is they are all chemical free.

cracked-eggEGG WHITES contain just over 50% of the protein in the egg. it’s used to make the enlarged pores shrink because it tightens and tones the skin. ( take 1 egg white , mix it with 2 tbsp of oatmeal and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. mix it into a thick paste, apply and leave it on for 15 -20 minutes, wipe clean with a damp cloth)


CUCUMBER JUICE is commonly used topically as a skin rejuvenator and to improve skin complexion. it’s described as having a ‘tonic and bleaching effect upon the skin’ and as a treatment to remove blackheads, freckles and birthmarks. ( mix cucumber juice with corn meal to make a thick paste, leave it to dry, rinse with cold water.)


TOMATO JUICE applied to your face can shrink your pores, leading to a clearer complexion. it also increases fairness, balancing pH levels and treating sun burns.( apply tomato juice on the face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water)


ICE CUBES should be wrapped in a piece of cloth and rubbing it on the skin is one of the best and effective ways to shrink the pores.

bpBAKING SODA has some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing complications like pimple and acne. (mix 2 tbsp of baking soda with 2 tbsp of water  for spot treatment, let it dry and then rinse off)


YOGURT helps you restore your skin to its full natural glow. applying yogurt masks helps prevent premature aging, reduces discoloration, fights acne ,sunburn relief and moisturizes skin, (apply plain yogurt to the pores and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water)

swpSANDALWOOD POWDER is an amazing toner and cleanser. it helps reduce dark circles, dryness, oily skin, pimple and acne and suntan.  (mix a tbsp each of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder in 3 tbsp of rose-water, apply the paste before sleeping , wash it off in the morning)

hsHONEY SUGAR SCRUB is best for exfoliating skin . Sugar is gentle as a scrub and doesn’t clog pores whereas honey is a good moisturizer and helps promote wound healing. (mix sugar and honey to make a thick paste, spread it on your face and rub gently with wet fingers, rinse with cold water to soothe off redness, apply moisturizer after.)

paphPAPAYA FACIAL is a good source of vitamin A , and helps keep your skin hydrated, it also helps reduce unwanted pimples and blemishes. Consumption of papaya also helps in gaining smooth ,supple and soft skin.(apply mashed papaya mixed with milk cream on the face and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off)


ALOE VERA JUICE is rich with vitamins E, A, C and vitamin B12. it contains two hormones, Axim and Gibberellins which have wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. it helps to reduce acne greatly and works wonders on sun burn and reduce stretch-marks. (moisturizer face with Aloe Vera juice everyday to keep out dryness and shrink large pores)

Try these out and live a happy chemical free life….a healthy organic life.


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