It’s always a delight to meet people who are like-minded and filled with positive energy just like, Deepti Gujral , who is such a wonderful person and an absolutely stunning Super Model. In the year 2007 and 2008 ,she featured in the Kingfisher Calendar. Her love for traveling is boundless ,one of the most well-traveled models I have come across. You name a country and she knows the best places to visit there. Me being a travel junkie myself i love to sit and talk to her about all the picturesque cities she has traveled to and all sorts of authentic food and wine she has tasted. Her practicality and really poised attitude definitely comes from having an army background. but that does not stop her from being a total Rockstar when in the mood. Everyone loves to be around people who laugh and enjoy every moment and shes one of them, I’ve never seen her caught up in a dull moment as she always embraces it with being positive and of course her unique laughter, which we all love.  She strongly believes in Buddhism, which helps her cope up with the negativity at work, peacefully. I have done a couple of shows with her ,and I’m in complete awe every time I see her walk down the runway, its only inspiring to see how much you can learn from her.


How was your experience at LFW winter/festive 2015 ?

Experience was FANTASTIC. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience at LFW this season. Like every year this year was full of surprises having really interesting and unique collection lined up by new and established designers.

Who was your favorite designer /collection this season?

Favorite designer is difficult to say as I like them all, definitely not being diplomatic but I love the fact that you get to wear variety of creations with very cool concepts and to walk for them is really very inspiring.

Which outfit was the best , that you wore this season?

There are so many outfits that i would love to wear again like Neeta Lulla, as she dressed me up in a Bengali Bride outfit. I also loved Gaurang Shah , Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani and Monish Jaisingh.


How do you take care of your beautiful tresses and your flawless skin?

During the fashion week, we get into hair and make up from noon till our last show is over , which goes on till midnight sometimes. So once finished for the day, I remove the make up properly so that no residue is left on my face  and wash my hair thoroughly and condition it nicely  So that its soft and easy to manage. Don’t forget to put loads of moisturizer on your face to keep it hydrated and soft.

Did you face any difficulties during the fashion week? how did you manage it?

No, I didn’t face any difficulties, although I missed was long hours of sleep. the hectic schedule for the week had us all models sleep deprived.

what are you gonna miss the most , now that the fashion week is over?

I’m gonna miss the whole craziness of the week. Madness backstage with my friends , meeting them everyday was like a routine and super fun too, but then again it all has to end . Well I’m looking forward to a much crazier repeat next season. Cant wait!

Photo credits: Solaris images, LAKME FASHION WEEK facebook page


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