The first time I saw this beauty , I couldn’t get my eyes off her. Her angelic flawless skin and taut body would have jaws dropping instantly. Sucheta Sharma-James married to celebrity fitness trainer, owner of MFT, Harrison James , who is an absolute perfect description of a Tall, dark and really handsome man, in march 2013. To be honest, she was the reason, my inspiration, for me to joined the gym, as I wanted to look half as ravishing as her. Her toned body and that radiant smile could carry any outfit given to her with so much grace . Along with being a professional model , she’s also quite an entertainer. Her backstage shenanigans are never-ending , always dancing to the music, cracking jokes , laughing and making others dance while she records them, and laughing at the videos while watching it later, etc. Even though she loves clowning backstage she is very serious when it comes to work. Eating healthy food and regular work outs is what she believes in. I’ve never seen her devour on junk food as she loves carrying her own home-cooked food. Her love for modelling is evident , cause in spite of being such a renowned Super Models she never stopped working on herself and still continues in becoming a true inspiration for the younger models.



How was your experience at LFW this season?

When we talk about fashion weeks ,we talk about an A-class team working to give you the most stylish , fashionable and entertaining experience, and all of that sums up to what Lakme Fashion Week is all about. This season LFW introduced 40 new designers , one better than the other, along with India’s best and world-renowned designers like Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Namrata Joshipura, Ritu Kumar , Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani, Gaurav Gupta, etc. What I also like about LFW is that we dedicate an entire day to the hard-working and talented workers from the remote areas of the country working in the textile department. So if i have to sum up everything, I would say LFW is the best way of celebrating style, fashion, talent and having fun at the same time.

Who was your favorite designer /collection this season?

Well, every designer is unique in their own way and i in fact ended up wearing so many beautiful outfits that its difficult for me to choose one out of them all. Depending on the occasion, I’d choose the designer accordingly ,for a bridal events I could pick a beautiful creation by Soumitra Mondal, but on a casual chic meeting , I can pick anything created by monkey see monkey do designer Terressa. If glitter is on my mind , I will choose Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, but for the red carpet event, hands down id wear Gaurav Gupta. see that what fashion week is all about , you getting a lot of variety here and for everyone’s liking , so no one ends up going empty-handed.


Which outfit was the best , that you wore this season?

hahahaha, If I really have to pick one from all , I will go for the one’s I looked most awesome in : Gaurav Gupta’s Sexy Hot Dress that’s totally me or MSMD chic skirt & blazer or Namrata Joshipura’s sequenced jacket !!! emmmm…. I feel that I am in the candy land & have to pick one. Sorry that’s just not possible…(she giggles away) ;-p


How do you take care of your beautiful tresses and your flawless skin?

Hair and Skin are the most important features for every model to maintain and to do so one must be disciplined throughout the year. Training, eating healthy, carbs, protein, fibre, good fat, drinking enough water, cleaning and moisturizing skin and face properly, and going for hair and body spas are the ways to do it. Fortunately I found someone to help me maintain my hair and he is no secret anymore. Sushiel Charles from SMASH Salon is the reason behind my beautiful, healthy, shiny long hair.

Did you face any difficulties during the fashion week? how did you manage it?

The only difficulty I face during fashion week is to adjust my fitness training timings with long hours of work but fortunately I am married to a world-class fitness trainer and owner of MFT, Harrison James. He designs my workout schedule so beautifully that I don’t end up missing feeling fabulous.


Share your best moment you had this season?

I love every moment of working among the bests of the best choreographers, designers, models, stylists, backstage team, Lakme absolute make up and hair team & having so much of paparazzi around . But after all we are girls, it’s never enough, RIGHT!!! But the time just flies by when you’re hanging out with my friends, doing silly things, clicking pictures, making videos, pulling each others leg, listening to their beautiful stories and experience from other shoots. I mean 10 days brings only and only fun for me.

what are you gonna miss the most , now that the fashion week is over?

  I’m really gonna miss dancing to retro songs for Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s show. I love that era’s songs and it was just the right beginning for the week. We rehearsed for 8 hours just to get the choreography right and Abu & Sandeep loved the way I performed. What more could I have dreamed of. :-)))

Today I am in Mysore for Mysore Fashion Week. So please stay connected for more inside fun stories from another fashion event. Love to all my followers :-)))


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