He has done it yet again!! Just like we told you earlier that designer Swapnil Shinde will be showcasing his latest Spring/Summer 2016 collection at the New York Fashion Week on the 11th sept 2016 for Project Runway.

image image imageHe was a very strong contender in this fashion based reality TV series, where he was loved and appreciated by top model and host Heidi Klum and other fellow judges like Nina Garcia, Zac Posner, and a few guest judges too.


Being the opening collection at the Project Runway show, in New York Fashion Week, he has proved that he absolutely deserves the spot and recognition for he has always showed us that his mind never stops experimenting and creating wonderful structures and patterns to wear. He is immensely loved by the indian models and Bollywood actresses , Now he is aiming for the Hollywood beauties. And it won’t be long before we see the Hollywood queens donning his creation on the red carpet.


We Wish him all the  best wishes as we only see him escalating skywards. Much love!!!!


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