It’s the make-up routine that every woman dreads to do, that’s to draw those perfect lines on the top of their eyelids that look symmetrical. Most of my girlfriends complain about never getting them both lines to look similar, one is always thicker or crooked from the other. That’s one struggle every women faces while getting ready so never argue with a women when she’s late. Read More


The Unveiling of the Giovani Man 

The Giovani ceremonial Fall/Winter collection that was showcased at the Taj Lands End in Bandra ,this afternoon had a fancy surprise for all of us. Read More

Suit up with these 10 essential tips for Men 

Just like Harvey Spector said in the series ‘Suits’ , “DONT PLAY THE ODDS, PLAY THE MAN”, for a man to make that kind of an impression , he need to look the part too.  Its essential to have a well fitted suit to look good, it cannot be too slackened or too taut. Read More

I’m in love with the COCOnut oil… (No. 4 & 10 are my favourite)

Coconut oil is something that’s widely available in India. It’s used as a nourishing element for moisturising hair as well as an amazing cooking alternative. But did you’ll know , it’s  effectively helpful for your entire body. Read More


Look who made it to Project Runway… it’s a proud moment for us to see Designer Swapnil Shinde compete against 15 other contestants on the renowned fashion based T.V series ‘ Project Runway‘ which is hosted by none other then the gorgeous Heidi Klum and will be judged by Tim Gunn, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, with the help of other celebrities, judging on different episodes. The finalists of this competition get to showcase their collection at New York Fashion Week and the winner get to earn $100,000 to launch his or her business. Read More

Colour me some!! 11 M.A.C lipsticks you should own.

Luscious and voluptuous lips are something men can’t help but drool on. It adds volume and character to your face. For women with smaller lips (like myself :|)face a bit of a struggle to achieve the results that we see on TV or magazines , but here i will show you how to accentuate your lips to look fuller and sensuous. Read More

27 unique Fascinators to suit your style. 

Fascinator is a decorative ,light head piece which consists of feathers , beads , net, crepe, , etc for women and is worn as an accessory to enhance the look . These fascinators can be attached to the hair by comb , hair pins, or hair band. These are mostly worn formally for a wedding , Derby, cocktail parties, etc. Read More